Tom Kineshanko | Podcast
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Conversations with exceptionally successful Crypto founders and investors.

Let me ask you a question … and there isn’t an easy answer, so don’t stress about it.

What do you think would happen if the internet applications that we live, work and rely on (Facebook, Google, Uber, Amazon) , were owned not by big corporations, but by their users?

By you and I?

What if all the money and power generated by these fundamental utilities of modern life didn’t go to big corporations, but to the users of the network, the posters, the searchers, the riders and drivers?

Thousands of early bitcoin adopters made millions for contributing to that decentralized, user owned, network early on.

What would it mean if all future applications where decentralized?

What would it mean for wealth disparity, what if the billions generated by facebook went to the millions of its users who literally don’t have enough to eat. What if that money and power went to you?

The most important thing about Crypto and Blockchain technology, is that for the first time in history it allows the users to own the applications, the networks, the protocols, and to receive reward for their contribution to making those networks successful.

In this podcast I bring you the tactics of my heroes in crypto so that we all can be more successful at ushering in the decentralized economy.

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