Tom Kineshanko | Cryptocurrency founder, investor and advocate
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Conversations & research on building and investing in decentralized protocols.

Welcome — \(~o~)/ — here you’ll find podcasts with founders & investors in cryptocurrencies / blockchain assets and research about investing in blockchain assets and decentralizing the world.

Why? If we decentralize everything we’ll solve many of our planets social/environmental problems. Let’s go.

(Why does decentralization matter? Read this by Vitalik Buterin, founder Ethereum)

About me

Since age 22 I’ve founded 3 tech companies that used tech to solve environmental problems profitably, including the first roof auction for solar and an investment firm for carbon reduction projects. I’ve been a passionate crypto or “blockchain asset” investor/trader since 2012. I was fortunate to found the first btc/eth investment vehicle in Canada in 2013 which invested in Ethereum ICO. In 2016, I founded the first licensed investment management company in Canada focused exclusively on blockchain asset investments, First Block Capital. Today I’m founder and General Partner of the first tokenized hedge fund investing exclusively in blockchain assets, Protos.

In my spare time I host Decentralized – A podcast where I interview the successful founders and investors in cryptocurrency.


Watch my BlockCon Presentation – Introducing Protos

Why do all of this work in crypto?

It’s 2017. We can make energy from the sun, robots can perform surgery, and there is more than 90 Trillion dollars in the world.

Yet, billions live without clean water and electricity. 85 people in the world are worth more than the poorest 3.5 billion. Socioeconomic standing during childhood is the best predictor of life outcomes.

Putting power back in the hands of the people.

Billions of humans could be helping to build a better future if they were not stuck in a cycle of poverty.

The third major computing revolution, the blockchain revolution, enables a world with internet applications that are owned by their users.

Imagine Uber but instead of billions accruing to a small number of already wealthy shareholders, that value accrued directly to drivers and riders.

Bitcoin is just the beginning, there will be numerous blockchains worth trillions of dollars.

I’m dedicating myself to the community making this happen and would love for you to join me.

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